Welcome to the official page of the superstar Tooti.

Here you will find the story of the superstar Tooti and  photos of him ! Tooti, the one and only!

    The story of Taher aka Tooti:

Tooti is a musician who is a superstar who makes Electronic Pop and Experimental music. His real name is Taher and he is half Egyptian half Swedish, but was born in Saudi Arabia. Since Tooti was born, he knew that he will become an artist by creating music. 

Taher aka Tooti won lots of awards and prizes for his music and what he did for the music.

Tooti was born in Saudi Arabia but moved to his home Egypt when he was little. He was always that one who used to sit by himself and draw and sing all the time and was and still is one of his own. 

After several years and when Tooti was raised, He moved to his other home Sweden with his family in the year 2000 when he was young. In Sweden, Tooti completed his journey by playing different instruments and combining them and creating music. Tooti played different instruments in his life and school. 

Tooti began creating music as long as he can remember, and released his very first music album wich is called "In Your Eyes" in 1998. He was and still that one who makes that different interesting music. Being that said, he became that superstar in the music world because of that matter. Tooti calles always himself as Tooti, the one!

Tooti didnt stop, he kept on creating music through his journey and made lots of music albums. He played instruments and created so many music albums and music pieces.

Tooti used and still uses lots of music instruments and softwares, the same time he is mostly self tought and learned so much through his music journey and career.

Simply said, Tooti always want to make the most deviant and experimental music ever. 

"The music music is my life, i was born a musician and it means alot to me"! says Tooti.

"I want to make music, pure music.. I am here to be"! says Tooti.

One of the most sold albums by Tooti when it was released is called "Sunshine Your Eye" and it was ranked the best selling album and as the best experimental Pop Music album of all time. The album wich is called "Sunshine Your Eye" was released in 2010 and was released first in Sweden and Japan then world widley. To name one of his music art pieces and albums that Tooti made.

Sunshine Your Eye, Better This Way, Layali, Dangerous And Not Complete, A love story for all, Medina Medina, Music Tooti Superstar, Electro Music Superstar, Close colores, This Days, and the list goes on!

Tooti is also behind the original soundtracks of many movies and video games such as "Stellar Blade, Gravity Daze, DOA" and more by his deviant music.

Tooti kept on surprising people from everywhere by his prominent and deviant music and he won many prizes and awards in his music career and became very famous, Tooti, the one!

Welcome to my story and welcome to my life, i am Tooti, the one! I will always be that one who makes his own kind of music and keep making that deviant music.