Everybody knows the story of Tooti. Tooti is a multi instrumental artist who is from Egypt but moved to Sweden when he was 13 years old. his real name is: Taher, and he started making music as long as he can remember and his first album was released in 1998 - 2002 and is called ( In Your Eyes ).

his extraordinary and cool music is what made him famous and he won many prizes and music awards for his music and what he did to the music.

Tooti makes Electronic Pop, Instrumental and Experimental music and he uses lots of devises and instruments to make his music.

Tooti is living happily in a city in Sweden called: Kristianstad, in the southern part of Sweden where he also grew up.

You can find Tootis music everywhere and his music is available in all the music stores.

Ordinary people, This is your time, Layali, Never easy, Tooti club, and the list goes own !

Tooti pictures: