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- Are you ready to dance? "Laser" is out now. Grab it:

- "Hey friend", the latest and most cool Electronic Pop track by Tooti is now available. Get it:

- The new Melodic House track "Emotions" by Tooti is out in the different stores and all the other platforms.

- A new extra track of the album "In Heaven With Music" will be available for free on the official SoundCloud page of Tooti:

- The new Tooti music shows "Colores" will be held after the release of the new album "Close colores". First show will take place in K-City in Sweden and then a show in Stockholm. Tooti will then be playing the rest of the shows worldwidely.

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- Tooti made an interview last week for the "Waves" music magazine. Tooti talked about the new album "Close colores" and his upcoming music.

Close colores

Coming in 2019

The new Tooti album "Close colores" will be out in 2019. It is official.

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Here is the tracklist:

1- Album intro         10- State of love

2- Mechanic        11- When i used to be

3- From my heart        12- Serana

4- Deviating feelings        13- Cyborg girl

5- Colore explosion        14- Girl rewired

6- Heroes of tomorrow        15- When i am with you

7- City park        16- Welcome here

8- The park        17- At the top

9- Solid love        18- How are you        19- By your side

Close colores

The new electronic album

Close colores

The brand new electronic album by Tooti "Close colores" will be out but no date has been set yet for the release. The album will include the brand new track: "Colore explosion" that has been mentioned on the social media. The golden age of Tooti has returned. Keep visiting this page to be updated with the latest about the new album.

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Tooti tours and latest shows:

- South Korea - Seoul, the multi cultures festival 2018-02-17.

- Sweden, Electro Music Superstar tour 2018-04-9.

- UK, Electro Music Superstar tour 2018-05-9.

- Dubai, special show.

- Sweden KCity kristianstad (Colores) first show.

 - Sweden Stockholm (Colores) second show.

 - Holland (Colores) third show.